MS Employ: Microsoft, Virtualisation & Cloud Recruitment Specialists



“Over the last two years we have needed a high level of recruitment, specifically in both the Technical and Sales teams.

MSemploy have elevated themselves over all other recruitment organisations we have worked with by:

  • Taking the time to fully understand each role we are recruiting for,
  • Engaging all key stakeholders within Freedom to understand the company and our ethos,
  • Offering advice not just on recruitment and candidates but the broader market place and the trends they are seeing, and,
  • Working with us through every stage with each candidate and ensuring all candidates meet our needs in both capabilities and experience.

MSemploy have placed a number of successful candidates in key positions that have proved to be both successful and key to our continuing development and growth as a business.

For the first time when recruiting, it feels like we are working with a partner and not just a sales organisation.”

- Head of Technology Services - Microsoft Gold Partner

“MSemploy are excellent recruiters, I trust them implicitly to find the best possible candidates for roles that I have within my team. They take the time to fully understand my business and team culture which in turn means their success rate is very high, thus reducing the amount of time I spend on recruitment... It is an absolute pleasure every time I work with MSemploy.”

- Head of Managed Services - Microsoft Gold Partner


“My experience of working with ITHR Group has been a pleasure from start to finish. The people there are professional, personable and supportive, finding the role that suited me best and regularly getting in contact to see how things are progressing.

“I have been in my current role for a little over a year and am very happy with what I am doing and the relationship I have with the Group. I have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and colleagues as well as clients. ”

- IT Business Analyst

“I have known ITHR Group for the last few months and I am extremely positively impressed with their professionalism and cordiality. In all situations their consultants show themselves to be good listeners, available to support in any request.

“I had an opportunity to comment that I was working with ITHR, and some of my network had already worked with them before, they gave me very good references forthe Group.

“My experience so far with the Group, and particularly with my consultant, is very positive. I definitely recommend them as good recruiters and excellent people to work with.”

- IT Solutions Consultant