Skype for Business is now here!!


Here at MSemploy (the home of the Microsoft Recruitment Specialists) we were over the moon; nay giddy with delight to hear that Microsoft had released the Skype for Business client for evaluation and preview.

So imagine how we feel now they are rolling out the new Skype for Business client as part of the April O365 update!

Yep:  even more over the moon.  Moon-ier.  Is that is a term..?

If you haven’t heard about Skype for Business (and if you haven’t where have you been??) it is the update to Lync 2013 which would have been Lync 2015 but for the fact that Skype is used by 300 million people worldwide and Microsoft figures they can make a pot load of cash by giving Lync a familiar Skype front end…

  • It’s got Voice!
  • It’s got Video!!
  • It’s got Presence!!!
  • It’s got Online meetings and collaboration tools!!!!


And yes – it is now integrated into Office, and you can search for anyone in the Skype network even if they are outside of your business network.

You can read more about switching between the Skype4B and Lync UI here if you are using Lync online, or here if you want to configure the client experience.

So – why wait??

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